This church is a fellowship of seekers after truth, bound by no dogma, restricted by no creed. The purpose of this fellowship is to bring those who believe in free inquiry into matters of religion into closer acquaintance and cooperation. Relying upon reason as our guide, and upon freedom as our method, we seek to grow in understanding of ourselves and of our world, and to serve one another.

With these words a handful of dedicated families spoke First Unitarian Church into existence in 1952. Over half a century later, ours is still a community of seekers after truth. Unrestricted by creed, we seek wisdom, understanding of life’s mysteries, and a sense of our own place in creation through a variety of avenues: our own experience of the world; our Jewish and Christian heritage; the great religions of the world; the teachings of science, history and philosophy, the earth centered traditions of native peoples; and the words and deeds of great thinkers, poets, artists, activists, of all ages and cultures.